I would like to use this blog post today to extend my personal thanks Mr. Gary McCarthy of Bloomington Towing Services

All of you reading this blog know about the accident that happened to me last February near Bloomington, Indiana. And you also know that I basically owe my life to a tow truck driver from Bloomington Towing Services.

But what you don’t know is the name of that tow truck driver. Because I didn’t tell you that name, not when I got back here to Chicago after getting out of the hospital in Bloomington

And the reason I didn’t tell you his name at that time was because I myself didn’t knew it. Or I didn’t know his last name anyway. Because there was only one name on the card that he gave to me as the ambulance started carrying me off to the hospital—the name Gary.

I guess the reason for that fact—the fact that there was only one name on that card—is that Bloomington is a down-home kind of place where everybody knows everybody by their first name.


It’s very different than up here in Chicago.

After I got out of the hospital in Bloomington and got back home to Chicago, I had to stay in the house for a few weeks to complete my recovery. And it was during that time that I first called Bloomington to see what the last name of this man Gary might be.

Whoever he was, I wanted to tell his boss what a great guy he was. After that bus ran into me on the highway, and totaled my car, he got me out of the car with a blowtorch.

I guess there’s tow truck drivers all over the country that know how to use a blowtorch as well as Gary did. But I bet that very few of them would be able to talk like him.

He had such an amazing bedside manner. While he was cutting me out of the wreck he just kept calming me down and down and down with the compassion and confidence in his voice.

He didn’t know that I was T. Richard Shelby, the CEO of Northeast Cornfed Beef, a man who was very rich and powerful. But he didn’t care about my money, or my fame, or my power, he just wanted to help me.

I’ve never told you the whole story, but I plan to do so on this blog next week. I have to tell you what I found out about this man Gary when my wife and I drove down there to Bloomington last week.

He’s an amazing guy, and I want to tell you his story.

Be sure to read by blog post next week.


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